Episode 01-More Than Just the Blues with Gabrielle Kaufman

We are so excited to be featuring our first guest, Gabrielle Kaufman! After her perinatal mood and anxiety disorder training at Dignity Health, we were able to sit down and talk more about maternal mental health. She educates us on the signs and symptoms and how our community can come together to help our mothers!

A few highlights from this interview include:

  • How Gabrielle is training the healthcare community about perinatal mood and anxiety disorder and how we can take care of our mothers.
  • We chat about the Jessica Porten story. The mother who went to her Obgyn about postpartum depression.
  • How we can start a postpartum support group with little to no cost.
  • What are some signs of perinatal mood and anxiety disorder?
  • Supporting moms and making sure she gets to sleep!
  • How to screen mothers who may be at risk.
  • What are some risk factors we should watch out for?