Episode 03-Providing Comfort & Quality of Life for Medically Fragile Children with Positively Kids with Fred Schultz and Michelle Gorelow


Today, we are talking with Fred Schultz and Michelle Gorelow about their wonderful foundation, Positively Kids! Fred and Michelle talk about what the foundation does for medically fragile children. They also mention some amazing programs they hope to start for children with autism and how YOU can help the foundation continue to care for these children!


Episode Summary:

  • Fred Schultz shares his mission for Positively Kids and what inspired him to create a place for children that a medically fragile and get the care they need. Fred mentions that there are 36,000 kids born in Clark County and 15% are classified as medically fragile.
  • What defines a child to be medically fragile? These are children who have long-term chronic illnesses.
  • Fred shares the type of services a child would receive at Positively Kids. Some of these include skilled home health nurses, health coaches, available clinics, and more.
  • Michelle Gorelow talks about their high-risk newborn clinic and how they would care for premature babies that may have a birth defect or drug exposed.
  • Fred talks about some new programs that they hope to bring out. One of them being how they can prepare a mother who was just informed that her child will have a birth defect?
  • Michelle talks about autism and how to recognize symptoms. She also shares a new clinic they hope to open for children with autism.
  • Fred shares the outcomes and results with the children they care for. He mentions how important it is to start caring for that child as soon as possible so they will be able to give them the best outcomes.
  • How can the community help Positivity Kids? Michelle shares some upcoming events and ways that you can donate/volunteer to the foundation.
  • Fred talks on some new programs they would like to open. He also shares how to run a non-profit and stay true to the mission.


About our guests:

Fred Schultz. CEO

Positively Kids’ Founder and CEO, Fred Schultz has been a lifelong activist for medically fragile children. But it wasn’t until moving to Las Vegas in 1995 that Fred found his calling. Shocked by the lack of both state and private resources available to Nevada’s medically dependent children, Fred had a vision to make a difference in the lives of these kids and their families. In December of 1999, that vision became a reality with the creation of the Foundation for Positively Kids. Named In Business’ “2007 Non-Profit of the Year”, Positively Kids is the first and only non-profit organization in Las Vegas whose sole mission is to serve our community’s medically fragile children.

Michelle Gorelow, MAEd

Vice President of Business Development & Community Relations

Michelle comes to Positively Kids with over 17 years’ experience in non-profit from giving used glasses to villagers in the Philippines to working on access to healthcare issues for pregnant moms and their children.  Some of her proudest accomplishments include passing legislation that required the screening of cystic fibrosis and critical congenital heart defects for all newborns.