Episode 04-Helping Mothers Recover from Substance Use with Debra Bercuvitz

Debra Bercuvitz shares her mission in helping mothers affected by their substance use, and the postpartum services available for mothers and children. Listen in on the stigmas that surround mothers struggling with addiction and how to communicate in a way that is compassionate and understanding


  • Debra Bercuvitz shares her mission of helping mothers and their children affected by substance use.
  • What are some services available for mothers and their children? Debra mentions that there is prenatal support for mothers of addiction but once the 4th trimester comes around, services and supports often end, putting them at increased risk for relapse and overdose. Debra shares her passion to help get these mothers more postpartum resources.
  • Debra and I break down the stigma around mothers who are struggling with addiction. Debra shares how we can better communicate with them. It’s about showing compassion and understanding the bigger picture!
  • “The most important thing that they can hear from their provider is, YOU GOT THIS!” – Debra Bercuvitz
  • Debra shares some encouragement to mothers that may be struggling with addiction. She wants others to know that you are not alone, treatment works, recovery happens, and there are many resources available!
  • Debra did this podcast as a private citizen and the views expressed do not represent those of her employer.
  • Sobermommies.com
  • Journeyrecoveryproject.com

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