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Episode 06-Group Peer Support with Annette Cycon & Liz Friedman

Episode 06- Annette Cycon and Liz Friedman are the founders of the GPS or Group Peer Support, which is a model of support groups that take an integrated and intersectional community-based group approach.



  • Liz reminds mothers that if they are struggling with something, it’s not their fault. Community contributes to support because it truly does take a village to raise a family!
  • Every mother has her own birth story.
  • Liz and Annette have been in the field of helping mothers with PPD for many of years and they share what has changed in the community.


Powerful Quotes:

  • “It’s not your fault!” – Liz Friedman
  • “A good mother is one that takes care of herself first!” – Annette Cycon

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Episode 05-Providing Resources for Mothers Struggling with Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorder

Episode 05-Providing Resources for Mothers Struggling with Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorder with Anne Heppenstall


– Anne and I talk about the increase in Mothers being open about their struggles. This is such a big shift in our country and we are happy to see that the awareness of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders grow!

– We discuss how many of our families in Las Vegas lack family support because they may have moved across the country from family or the spouse has been deployed and can be away for up to a year!

– How do we help mothers feel comfortable in attending a support group or mommy mixer? Anne shares that we have to meet the mother where she is at. If she is struggling with pmad, the best is for her to attend a support group and be surrounded with people that can relate to her!

– Anne shares her work with helping mothers struggling with substance abuse. We talk about how our community can show more compassion for this mother!


About the Guest:

Anne Heppenstall is a licensed clinical social worker in the Las Vegas area and works specifically with mothers and babies. Since November of 2017, Anne has worked with The Southern Nevada Maternal Child and Health Coalition by taking calls from mothers who are struggling with a perinatal mood and anxiety disorder.

Powerful Quotes:

  • “With postpartum depression and anxiety, if well treated it can go away and you can heal!”  – Anne Heppenstall


Available Resources:


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Episode 04-Helping Mothers Recover from Substance Use

Episode 04-Helping Mothers Recover from Substance Use with Debra Bercuvitz

Debra Bercuvitz shares her mission in helping mothers affected by their substance use, and the postpartum services available for mothers and children. Listen in on the stigmas that surround mothers struggling with addiction and how to communicate in a way that is compassionate and understanding


  • Debra Bercuvitz shares her mission of helping mothers and their children affected by substance use.
  • What are some services available for mothers and their children? Debra mentions that there is prenatal support for mothers of addiction but once the 4th trimester comes around, services and supports often end, putting them at increased risk for relapse and overdose. Debra shares her passion to help get these mothers more postpartum resources.
  • Debra and I break down the stigma around mothers who are struggling with addiction. Debra shares how we can better communicate with them. It’s about showing compassion and understanding the bigger picture!
  • “The most important thing that they can hear from their provider is, YOU GOT THIS!” – Debra Bercuvitz
  • Debra shares some encouragement to mothers that may be struggling with addiction. She wants others to know that you are not alone, treatment works, recovery happens, and there are many resources available!
  • Debra did this podcast as a private citizen and the views expressed do not represent those of her employer.

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Episode 03-Providing Comfort & Quality of Life for Medically Fragile Children with Positively Kids

Episode 03-Providing Comfort & Quality of Life for Medically Fragile Children with Positively Kids with Fred Schultz and Michelle Gorelow


Today, we are talking with Fred Schultz and Michelle Gorelow about their wonderful foundation, Positively Kids! Fred and Michelle talk about what the foundation does for medically fragile children. They also mention some amazing programs they hope to start for children with autism and how YOU can help the foundation continue to care for these children!


Episode Summary:

  • Fred Schultz shares his mission for Positively Kids and what inspired him to create a place for children that a medically fragile and get the care they need. Fred mentions that there are 36,000 kids born in Clark County and 15% are classified as medically fragile.
  • What defines a child to be medically fragile? These are children who have long-term chronic illnesses.
  • Fred shares the type of services a child would receive at Positively Kids. Some of these include skilled home health nurses, health coaches, available clinics, and more.
  • Michelle Gorelow talks about their high-risk newborn clinic and how they would care for premature babies that may have a birth defect or drug exposed.
  • Fred talks about some new programs that they hope to bring out. One of them being how they can prepare a mother who was just informed that her child will have a birth defect?
  • Michelle talks about autism and how to recognize symptoms. She also shares a new clinic they hope to open for children with autism.
  • Fred shares the outcomes and results with the children they care for. He mentions how important it is to start caring for that child as soon as possible so they will be able to give them the best outcomes.
  • How can the community help Positivity Kids? Michelle shares some upcoming events and ways that you can donate/volunteer to the foundation.
  • Fred talks on some new programs they would like to open. He also shares how to run a non-profit and stay true to the mission.


About our guests:

Fred Schultz. CEO

Positively Kids’ Founder and CEO, Fred Schultz has been a lifelong activist for medically fragile children. But it wasn’t until moving to Las Vegas in 1995 that Fred found his calling. Shocked by the lack of both state and private resources available to Nevada’s medically dependent children, Fred had a vision to make a difference in the lives of these kids and their families. In December of 1999, that vision became a reality with the creation of the Foundation for Positively Kids. Named In Business’ “2007 Non-Profit of the Year”, Positively Kids is the first and only non-profit organization in Las Vegas whose sole mission is to serve our community’s medically fragile children.

Michelle Gorelow, MAEd

Vice President of Business Development & Community Relations

Michelle comes to Positively Kids with over 17 years’ experience in non-profit from giving used glasses to villagers in the Philippines to working on access to healthcare issues for pregnant moms and their children.  Some of her proudest accomplishments include passing legislation that required the screening of cystic fibrosis and critical congenital heart defects for all newborns.

Episode 02-The Afterflow

Episode 02-The Afterflow with Ashley Hanna Morgan


– Ashley shares her journey through postpartum depression in 2015. She always mentions how her husband struggled with depression around the same time. At the time, she looked all over to attend a support group but had no luck. After much research, she started her very own cognitive behavioral therapy support group in LA!

– What was the process like for Ashley to create an effective support group? She wanted a group that was more than just “venting” and actually help each other. In her “Afterglow Curriculum”, each week has a specific topic regarding postpartum and healing. Ashley refers her group as a hybrid between therapy and support group!

– Ashley shares her journey through postpartum depression and how she was able to heal from all of it. She talks about the intrusive thoughts that how she coped with them instead of burying that thought.

– We talk about the fifth trimester. This is about the time mom will go back to work after being maternity leave. With a mother that is struggling with PMADs, Ashley gives some tips on how she can cope while she transitions into this new chapter of motherhood.


About the Guest:

Ashley Hanna-Morgan is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) specializing in Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders, as well as Grief and Loss. Ashley earned her Bachelor’s in English Literature at UCLA. After attending Baylor University for her Master’s in Social Work, Ashley taught parenting skills training in the home and provided therapy to children and adolescents with externalizing behavior disorders. With a soft spot for seniors from many wonderful experiences with her grandparents, Ashley subsequently worked in hospice for the next seven years, with a parallel stint writing for a winery in Sonoma as a counterbalance. Creating recipes for wine-pairings was very life-affirming! Ashley became more aware of and interested in Perinatal Mood and Anxiety disorders after she and her husband both worked through it personally after the birth of their daughter. In 2016, she wrote the Afterglow Curriculum and started the first free Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Mindfulness Therapy based support group in Los Angeles for parents with Postpartum Depression and Anxiety. In 2017, she published a collection of poetry called I Gave Birth to My Heart that she hopes will throw back the curtains and shed some light on what Postpartum Depression and Anxiety actually feel like, as well as, most importantly, what the recovery looked like. She is currently the Postpartum Support International Regional Coordinator for Reno, Nevada, where she now lives with her husband, Jayson, her Shih Tzu, Obi-Wan, and her daughter and inspiration, Emerie Violet. When Ashley is not advocating for parental mental health, she loves to explore nature, practice yoga, experiment in the kitchen, read with a cup of tea, meditate, and write.

Powerful Quotes:

  • “Our thoughts and feelings are not us. They just float in and out of our brain.” – Ashley Hanna- Morgan
  • “Give yourself the grace to deal with things in small doses.” – Ashley Hanna-Morgan

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Episode 01-More Than Just the Blues

Episode 01-More Than Just the Blues with Gabrielle Kaufman

We are so excited to be featuring our first guest, Gabrielle Kaufman! After her perinatal mood and anxiety disorder training at Dignity Health, we were able to sit down and talk more about maternal mental health. She educates us on the signs and symptoms and how our community can come together to help our mothers!

A few highlights from this interview include:

  • How Gabrielle is training the healthcare community about perinatal mood and anxiety disorder and how we can take care of our mothers.
  • We chat about the Jessica Porten story. The mother who went to her Obgyn about postpartum depression.
  • How we can start a postpartum support group with little to no cost.
  • What are some signs of perinatal mood and anxiety disorder?
  • Supporting moms and making sure she gets to sleep!
  • How to screen mothers who may be at risk.
  • What are some risk factors we should watch out for?

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