In March 2021 the Southern Nevada Maternal and Child Health Coalition launched its first direct client services program, sponsored by Anthem Nevada Medicaid. Our “New Mama Care Kits” will assist low-income women by providing them with after birth supplies including pads to manage the flow, hemorrhoid wipes, sanitary wipes to keep stitches clean, hand sanitizer, and undergarments. The kits will also include important information and resources regarding infant safe sleep, immunizations, and postpartum depression.




Anthem Medicaid’s sponsorship will kick start the New Mama Care Kits and help create 650 kits for mothers.


With Molina Healthcare’s sponsorship an additional 650 care kits will be distributed in Southern Nevada, bringing a total of 1300 care kits  to be given to help mothers in their post-partum recovery! As a Silver Sponsor Molina Healthcare will also be helping to relaunch the Go Before You Show campaign in both Northern and Southern Nevada.


The Chair and Vice Chair in Southern Nevada were inspired to create the kits when they became aware of the many postpartum women who needed the products to help them recover from delivery but were unable to afford them.

What is in the kit?

• 14 individually wrapped maxi pads
• 14 individually wrapped moist towelettes (these can be heated in the microwave)
• 1 package of 48 hemorrhoid wipes
• 2 disposable underwear
• 2 purse size hand sanitizers
• Information about ‘What to Expect After Giving Birth’ and ‘How to Care for Stitches’
• Additional materials to recognize signs of post-partum depression and other relevant information for families with young children
• Small gifts for mother (to be determined as per donations)
• Distributed in a reusable Anthem tote bag

Our Partner Agencies


Thank you to our volunteers for putting together the New Mama Care Kits!

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